Vijaya Morrison, is the owner of Rainforest Pottery Company Ltd., which originated in his studio in the rainforests of Belcarra Park, BC, and was relocated to the current site in Yarrow, BC, in 1987.

Vijaya was born in the remote oceanside community of Zeballos, BC, on the north side of Vancouver Island. As a young man he moved to the mainland, where he attended Langara College, in Vancouver, BC, and graduated in 1974. Through the pursuit of his studies in sculpture, art and pottery he realized that creative expression in clay was his passion. 

Over his 30 years as a professional potter, Vijaya has continually honed his craft by attending specialized courses with experts from all over British Columbia to as far away as Florence, Italy, Dallas and New York City. The commitment he made in the early days of his career, to combine graceful form with pure function and unusual colour with unique texture, continues to be reflected strongly in his work today.

Vijaya produces a full line of functional pottery in stoneware including mugs, jugs, teapots, bowls, plates, platters, casseroles, pate dishes, goblets, decanters and oil lamps. In addition, he works in a variety of clay mediums producing low-fire luster ware and raku sculptural vases and wall pieces. His work is produced by throwing on the wheel as well as hand-building, slabbing and extruding. He currently works with the assistance of one technician.

With an eye for the beauty in all things around him, a keen artistic sense and many years of experience, Vijaya is not only a highly skilled potter, but his patience and ability to share his extensive knowledge of pottery, form and function also make him a supurb teacher. His work can be found in collections around the world, and is currently retailed from his showroom in Yarrow, as well as at selected shows throughout Canada and the United States.